When you have to wait over an hour for a table, you best believe we gon’ go hard! Jethro’s brunch with @Ray and @Vicky (Vancouver, BC)

Countried fried steak with hashbrowns, 2 eggs sunny side up, whole wheat  toast and a gravy for daaaaays.

…uh killed it!

THE MOST AMAZING find yet! Chocolate chip banana bread french toast.. can you talk about an orgy on a plate? it came piping hot, the only thing missing was an orchestra..oh and ice cream. That would’ve been nice. Def aint mad at that buttta either. YOM.

mmm hmm, you know it baby.

ray puttin in work like rent’s due!

Cowboys breakfast – 3 eggs sunny side up, spicy chorizo sausage, bacon, hasbrowns with chili / sour cream on top and corn bread pancakes.

We were literally gasping by the time we had the last bite of that ridiculous french toast. We be killin brunch like its goin outtta steeze! … I could go for some more of that fried steak too. Who has a good brunch spot they wanna share with us? email us! ireallykilledit@gmail.com