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I don’t do a lot of “Best I’ve ever had” posts so you already know this is one you better grab a pen and paper for. I love sweets, I love cupcakes, I love sweet cupcakes, but rarely do they blow me out of the water. Until I met PinkaBella Cupakes. Wow, just wow. (Lynnwood, Washington)

Quick little background story – cupcakes store created by a mother with  her husband and 4 adoptive children wanting to give back to her community. Seriously, tastes good for the heart and soul! Read the rest here.

PinkaBella Cupcakes 1

Their flavors range from regular ol’ carrot to Banana Split, Caramel Machiatto, and Pineapple Upside down cake (the list goes on). But my heart reached for the Crushed Pretzels x cream cheese frosting  x vanilla cake cupcake.

PinkaBella Cupcakes 2

I inhaled it and almost went back for another. It was that good. My after photo is my naked hand no longer full of PinkaBella goodness! Killed it like a cupcake queen :)

Sometimes a little waffle comes along and kind of changes the game for everyone. Say hello to the city’s newest sensation, Nero Waffle Bar. (Downtown Vancouver)

Perfect semi light dessert after a nice big meal on a gloomy Sunday evening.

Nero Waffle Bar 1

Nero Waffle Bar 2

Killed it! Dynamic dessert duo – Bananas x Nutella. BOMB dot COM. Happy Waffling, eaters!

I love a good rhyme. Late night dessert cravings go hand in hand with anything associated with the word “chococlate.” Know what’s even better than just chocolate? CHOCOLATE mother effin’ fondue at Capstone Tea and Fondue.

capstone tea 2

chocolate fondue with a candle lit underneath for extra melty goodness.

capstone tea 1

pineapple, apples, grapes, ice cream balls, banana bread, lemon loaf, cookies, bananas and crushed honey graham crackers & coconut flakes for coating..after the dipping. Seriousy, fat kid’s dream come true.

Late night sweet tooth always leads to a big fat murkin’!!!

We’ve all heard of the Haas, and if you haven’t.. you must not like macarons huh? Amazing little North Vancouver joint located in a shady little industrial area on the north shore of Vancouver.

Tomato / Boccoini panini. Warm, gooey and straight up bomb.

Raspberry chocolate crunch cake.

Sweet mid day treat!

True story, bro! Finally got my grubby hands on Serendipity‘s famous frozen hot chocolate (opted for the Oreo version of course). And let me tell you, shit was the bomb! (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Puttin in work and makin’ a dent…

Don’t be fooled, there may have been 4 straws but I killed 98% of it :)

Proud eater right huuur! If you’re ever in NYC, or Las Vegas.. this place is a MUST.

The girls and I got it in this past weekend at panty droppin heaven, The Cheesecake Factory. (Seattle, Washington)

5 girls, 6 dishes, 2 desserts = double chin status.

cant not get the fried mac and cheese balls, monaaay!

Fried avocado spring rolls, it was still so buttery inside mmm.

Thai Chicken Pasta was really good, it had a creamy peanut sauce / Pasta Da Vinci – chicken, shrooms, and onions in a white wine sauce with penne and parm cheese

obviously Veeeezy had the chicken and biscuits with mashed potatoes and country gravy. YOM alert.

Nigs had the Chicken Bellagio, it was just as good as we remembered it in Cali. Crispy coated chicken breast over basil pasta and pesto cream sauce topped with prosciutto and arugula Salad.

puttin in work like welfare Wednesdays holla.

I love it when girls eat, dont you?

And of course we made room for dessert :)

Red velvet cheesecake and keylime pie. I’m not a cheesecake person but i fuck with red velvet..! Double scoop ice cream please.

Girl, we be killin’ em! xoxo

@Christinedang only has a few more weeks until her stint is up in Korea so i’m glad she’s gettin her eat on while she can.

Shaved Ice at Cafe Oui, in Garogusil – Seoul YOM!

GREEN TEA SHAVED ICE! w/ red bean & mo-chi

buns x jam!

And as usual, she always kills it!

If you missed the first food post from @Cat‘s food murkin from HK, read here. And now on with our regular scheduled programming.. part 2 of hong kong eats!

Cat: Unagi meal. – IKI Teppanyaki Bento, located at New Town Plaza, Sha Tin.

oh you fancy huh

fancy soup

Baked Spaghetti Bolognese, and Baked Pork Chop on Rice.

EGG TART!!!!!! – Maxim’s Palace, located at New Town Plaza, Sha Tin

IKI: Is that not the flakiest motherfuckin egg tart you’ve ever seen!? gosh that looks divine. And that yellow yolk color…thats certified canary yellow, my friend. Thanks again to Cat for sharing her Hong Kong eats with us. :)

Good morning, happy 1st sprung Monday of the Spring season..holla! In case you’re wondering why you haven’t seen your killings on here yet, please be patient! I have inventory i must go through  first.. just know that i love you very much for eating and sharing it :)

Yes, you read right..3 restaurants in 1 afternoon, like a mother effin’ champ! @Ray wanted to get it in this weekend so we ate, ate, and ate some more.

At American Cheesesteak. I had the Philly. I dont know, it wasnt as hyped as I thought it would be.


Next stop, Miura!

Bulgogi Waffle – beef, egg sauce, kimchi & bulgogi sauce. Pretty neat concept, errrythang waffle. They do a mean flavored milk too. I will def go back, but for a sweet waffle. Verdict is still out for this savoury Korean waffle.

And last but not least, we finished up at Soirette.

With competitors poppin up on every block like a bad std, their macaroons werent as stellar as other joints, aka Thierry. but the interior was beautiful and the tea was hot.. good tea, very good tea.

Who else killed it this weekend? dont be shy, step right up and show us how you went H.A.M.!!

Y’all are in for a treat! From Seattle, Toronto, Korea and now to Hong Kong, @Cat was kind enough to document her food killings on her recent trip home to the motherland. Thank you for supporting your local fat kid business aka ikilledit. We appreciate the effort. Now let’s get on with it…(Hong Kong)

PART 1 of 2.

“Honeymoon Fried Rice” (aka Yin Yang Chow Fan) from Cafe de Coral (<– ok so apparently thats a huge fast food chain..amazeballs)


enough said. Located at the bottom of the stairs after you get off the Hung Hom Station.  I also ended up getting those “bubble waffles”, or, as the chinese call it “gai dan jai”. Took a pic of it.. but forgot to take the after photo.  u know i finished it. 

Cat: Cafe de Coral again, my dad ordered the Baked Chop on Rice.

Cat: Glutinous Rice Balls in Mango Juice with Extra Mango and Mango Ice Cream @ Hui Lau Shan.
The dessert place to go to when you hit up HK. 
More info here:

IKI: Okay I never thought I’d ever see the words glutinous, rice balls and mango juice in one sentence and want to make sweet love to it. Looks effing bomb! And don’t get me started on street food like curry fish balls.. Why cant every staircase have fishballs waiting at the bottom? *Sigh. Thanks again Cat for making me drool like a raccoon with eggstra rabies. Stay tuned for part 2 next week.


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