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The post’s title is the best thing i’ve written ..LIKE EVER. The homie @Lok was in Hong Kong for work and ended up having some of the “best pasta I’ve had outside of Italy.” Yeah i know, I hate him too.


“A 3star michelin italian restaurant called ‘8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo – Bombana’. Its lamb papperadele.”

(peep the link -Open Rice- Its like Urbanspoon, but for Asians.)

Aw yeah,  Lok be killin it worldwide as per his usual routine. Thanks for the submission stud!

The girls and I got it in this past weekend at panty droppin heaven, The Cheesecake Factory. (Seattle, Washington)

5 girls, 6 dishes, 2 desserts = double chin status.

cant not get the fried mac and cheese balls, monaaay!

Fried avocado spring rolls, it was still so buttery inside mmm.

Thai Chicken Pasta was really good, it had a creamy peanut sauce / Pasta Da Vinci – chicken, shrooms, and onions in a white wine sauce with penne and parm cheese

obviously Veeeezy had the chicken and biscuits with mashed potatoes and country gravy. YOM alert.

Nigs had the Chicken Bellagio, it was just as good as we remembered it in Cali. Crispy coated chicken breast over basil pasta and pesto cream sauce topped with prosciutto and arugula Salad.

puttin in work like welfare Wednesdays holla.

I love it when girls eat, dont you?

And of course we made room for dessert :)

Red velvet cheesecake and keylime pie. I’m not a cheesecake person but i fuck with red velvet..! Double scoop ice cream please.

Girl, we be killin’ em! xoxo

@Vicky murkin’ a homecooked steak dinner (Vancouver, BC)

Perfectly seared medium steak with alfredo corkscrew pasta and pan fried shrooms.

aye done mon and gon’ catch da itis.

Nothing more hotter than a lady that can hold it down.. in the kitchen.

@Corrine killin it as a lways! (Renton, Washington)

White wine bruschetta

Lemon butter shrimp scampi

Ritchie and Vicky catch mid day itis last week at Boston Pizza.

Chicken and mushroom fettucini. carbs on carbs on carbs…

Prime rib buriger. Cutting the burger and eggspecting to only eat one half only works if you have self control…

Obviously I had none. – Vicky

New spot Siena def hit the spot for us ladies on Friday night. It’s a newer Mediterranean spot on 12th and  Granville, and of course we went to support our homie Long on his new cooking adventure. (Vancouver, BC)

Fried risotto balls.. SO BOMB.

Mushroom Tagliatelle, parmesan, shallots, charred leeks, madeira cream  / Braised Lamb Ravioli, truffled pecorino, mint & orange gremolata

Salumi & Cheese Plate, served with warm olives and grilled focaccia / Polenta Fries, basil almond aioli / Sautéed Kale, fried garlic, chile, lemon, olive oil

Chocolate cake / ice cream x espresso / pear gelato

Not pictured were the 4 bottles of wine also consumed at this delicious dinner. Another happy episode of killin it brought to you by yours truly and co.

@Dino having his platter of goodness at Coast Restaurant (Vancouver, BC).

Hot Signature platter – ling cod, sockeye salmon, wild sea tiger prawns, qualicum scallops, seasonal veg, and potato gnocchi

Done like dinner. Thanks Dino for your submission :)

Valentine’s day dinner by Nhu and Thompson (Surrey, BC)

This was our valentines dinner! Stuffed mushroom caps (So so so good), pasta with chicken breast and vegetables and of course curly fries (since we needed some more vegetables in our dinner). Killed it! – Nhu


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