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Fried foods should be a morning staple, nothing is more satisfying than an early state of food comatoase! Thanks to @Dino for showing us how it’s done, breakfast styles!

2 fried potato stackers aka hashbrowns with bacon, egg and cheese sandwiched in between…


@Dino getting comfort food at Burgoo (North Vancouver, BC)

Grilled cheese x crab bisque soup


Good morning, happy 1st sprung Monday of the Spring season..holla! In case you’re wondering why you haven’t seen your killings on here yet, please be patient! I have inventory i must go through  first.. just know that i love you very much for eating and sharing it :)

Yes, you read right..3 restaurants in 1 afternoon, like a mother effin’ champ! @Ray wanted to get it in this weekend so we ate, ate, and ate some more.

At American Cheesesteak. I had the Philly. I dont know, it wasnt as hyped as I thought it would be.


Next stop, Miura!

Bulgogi Waffle – beef, egg sauce, kimchi & bulgogi sauce. Pretty neat concept, errrythang waffle. They do a mean flavored milk too. I will def go back, but for a sweet waffle. Verdict is still out for this savoury Korean waffle.

And last but not least, we finished up at Soirette.

With competitors poppin up on every block like a bad std, their macaroons werent as stellar as other joints, aka Thierry. but the interior was beautiful and the tea was hot.. good tea, very good tea.

Who else killed it this weekend? dont be shy, step right up and show us how you went H.A.M.!!

Sometimes you just need to designate a day to straight chillin and eating. @Thu and @Sindy got their food comfort on this past weekend..(Vancouver, BC)

Grilled cheese and tomato soup from Red Wagon Cafe

Mass slaughter at Ikea -these girls are savages! Meatballs, mashed potatoes, fish and chips and the bombest mac & cheese.

IKI: Does anyone else go to Ikea just to eat? I know i do. they have the bombest food and at such affordable prices. Dinner is on ME.

@Jenne creating monster samwiches at home. (Renton, Washington)

Chicken samwich. she be killin it!

Girls gettin their Saturday brunch on at Burgoo, one of the best comfort food joints ever. (Vancouver,  BC)

Meet the lovely food killers:


Crab bisque and house made caesar salad

…and Jennifer

Butternut squash soup x tastier chicken samwich (apples, brie and chicken)

the girls’ first time was a major success ;) They def killed it.

I had the fresh fruit with mint and honey, with a side of house yogurt.

Hangover food. YOM!

happy Lover’s Day, kickin off IKI this morning in the city of Sin! Mesa Grill in Las Vegas, eats documented by @Joe

IKI: Not entirely sure what Joe ate but whatever it is, it looked amazing. The samwich looks like theres some guac in it.. mmm. And did anyone spot that macaroon with raspberries in it? uh yes please.

IKI: Crab cakes? poached eggs? all things that were probably meant for each other. The messier the tastier.

IKI: Cant go wrong with a burger and fries. I’ve never been much of an eater in Vegas because i’m either usually drinking or drunk. But next time, imma get my eat on.

A bag of mini (but MANLY) Mrs. Fields cookies eaten in one sitting is an accomplishment on its own… esp when its not accompanied by a tall glass of the white and lovely.  Cookies ain’t shit but hoes and tricks…..without milk. Thanks to @Joe for his cookie submission as well!

Cinnamon sugar, chocolate chip with walnuttths, chocolate chip, and white chocolate chunk with macademia nuuuths.

I was going to save this post for tomorrow but i’m craving for mexican food so badly i thought i’d post just to torture myself. Anna having a  Chorizo con huevo (i love saying that) torta from Las Tortas (Vancouver, BC)

Chorizo Con Huevo-mexican spicy sausage and egg.

IKI: Look at how amazeballs that is! I see meat, cheese, hot peppers mmm. Peep the cheeeps and horchata, if you dont know horchata is then you better get educated. Its like cinnamon rice water sprinkled with roofies.. its literally that good. Ah just great, now there’s seriously a wave pool of drool going on in my mouf.

Thanks Anna for making my life a little more unbearable this morning.

When @Joe submitted his photos from his dining eggsperience at American Cheesesteak, I kind of assumed this little restaurant had gotten lost North of the border but apparently this is the real deal…in Vancouver. Can I get a woop woop? woop woop! (Vancouver, BC)

The Cowboy-shaved prime rib, crispy fried onions, homemade spicy bbq sauce, bacon mayo and aged white cheddar


IKI: Wow, that  was impressive. What else you got !?

Prime rib poutine

IKI: oh em eff gee. I thought these were urban myths! Prime rib poutine. If this isnt enough to get your loins quivering then I dont know what would. cot dayum suuun. Hope you doggy bagged the rest of that goodness!!

And last but not least…dessert.

chocolate chip cookie ice cream cake / ate the table clean!

A lot of napkins and/or a bib recommended! – Joe

Thanks for your submission Joe, and for killin it on Amercian turf. Well sorta ;)


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